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China Professional Taper Lock Bush Cast Iron Taper Bushing 2012 2517 3020 control arm bushing

Product Description

Shaft Fixing Taper Bushing High Grade Grain Iron gg25 Taper Lock Bush
Model NO. 5050
Material Cast Iron GG25
Surface Treatment Black Oxide,Phosphating,Anodizing
Screws Specification 5/8-11bsw*1-1/4
Screw Tightening Torque 90 Nm
Screw Quantity Customized
Tools for Tighten Allen Wrench 5/16″
Bore Diameter 20mm-80mm, customized

1.Ease of installation and removal
2.Equivalent to a shrink-on fit on uniform load applications and thus eliminating the cost of a key
3.No costly reboring: full range of both metric and imperial available
4.Standard range fits up to 125mm/5″ shafts
5.Special 4-hole feature for balanced assemblies
6.Complete short reach range available, for compact lightweight assemblies
7.High grade, close grain iron (GG25) material
8.Spherodial Graphite (S.G.) iron construction on some sizes to give increase maximum bores Applications
Unlike typical Bearing Bushes, Taperlock Bushes make use of locking mechanisms that have several useful applications, especially in the case of mechanical applications that involve high speeds. These Bearing Bushes are usually used to secure Pulleys, Sprockets and other elements to shafts. Most Taperlock Bushes are manufactured using strong, yet inexpensive materials like cast iron. However, if you require corrosion resistance, steel and stainless steel equivalents are also available CHINAMFG request. Aside from high-speed applications, Taperlock Bushes are also recommended to be used with Couplings, Sprockets, and Power Transmission elements like V Pulleys. Check out our product range for your all your mechanical and construction needs with products like Adhesives & Lubricants, Ball Bearings, V Belts, and Sprockets,. Visit our products page for Special Offers or contact us with any further enquiries. 

Package  Standard suitable package / Pallet or container.
 Polybag inside export carton outside, blister and Tape and reel package available.
 If customers have specific requirements for the packaging, we will gladly accommodate.

 10-20working days ofter payment receipt comfirmed (based on actual quantity).
 Packing standard export packing or according to customers demand.   

 Professional goods shipping forward.

ZheJiang Mighty Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing Mechanical Power Transmission Products.We Mighty is the division/branch of SCMC Group, which is a wholly state-owned company, established in 1980.

About Mighty:
-3 manufacturing factories, we have 5 technical staff, our FTY have strong capacity for design and process design, and more than 70 workers and double shift eveyday.
-Large quality of various material purchase and stock in warhouse which ensure the low cost for the material and production in time.
-Strick quality control are apply in the whole production. 
we have incoming inspection,process inspection and final production inspection which can ensure the perfect of the goods quality.
-14 years of machining experience. Long time cooperate with the Global Buyer, make us easy to understand the csutomer and handle the export. MIGHTY’s products are mainly exported to Europe, America and the Middle East market. With the top-ranking management, professional technical support and abundant export experience, MIGHTY has established lasting and stable business partnership with many world famous companies and has got good reputation from CHINAMFG customers in international sales.

Q: Are you trading company or manufacturer?

A: We are factory.

Q: How long is your delivery time?

A: Generally it is 5-10 days if the goods are in stock. or it is 15-20 days if the goods are not in stock, it is according to quantity.

Q: Do you provide samples ? is it free or extra ?

A: Yes, we could offer the sample for free charge but do not pay the cost of freight.

Q: What is your terms of payment ?

A: Payment=1000USD, 30% T/T in advance ,balance before shippment.

We warmly welcome friends from domestic and abroad come to us for business negotiation and cooperation for mutual benefit. To supply customers excellent quality products with good price and punctual delivery time is our responsibility.
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Standard: DIN, ANSI, GB, JIS
Material: Cast Iron Gg25
Surface Treatment: Black Oxide, Phosphated, Anodizing
Head Type: 1008 1108 1210 2012 3020 3525 4030 4535 5040
Delivery: 2~7 Days for Stock, 15~45 Days for Without Stock
MOQ: 5
US$ 1/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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Customized Request

taper bush

Are there any online calculators for determining the required taper bush size?

Yes, there are online calculators available that can help in determining the required taper bush size for specific applications. These calculators utilize various input parameters such as shaft diameter, hub diameter, torque, speed, and other relevant factors to provide recommendations on the appropriate taper bush size. Here are some sources where you can find online calculators for determining the required taper bush size:

  • Manufacturer Websites: Many taper bush manufacturers provide online calculators on their websites to assist customers in selecting the correct taper bush size. These calculators are often based on the manufacturer’s specific product range and include fields for inputting the necessary parameters. By entering the required information, such as shaft and hub dimensions, torque, and speed, the calculator can generate recommendations on the suitable taper bush size.
  • Engineering and Mechanical Websites: Several engineering and mechanical websites offer online calculators and tools that cover a wide range of mechanical components, including taper bushes. These calculators are typically designed to provide general recommendations and may not be specific to a particular manufacturer’s product range. They often require input parameters such as shaft diameter, hub diameter, and other relevant dimensions to calculate the appropriate taper bush size.
  • Mobile Applications: Some mobile applications cater to mechanical engineering and power transmission calculations. These apps may include features for determining the required taper bush size based on input parameters such as shaft diameter, hub diameter, torque, and speed. They can be convenient for on-the-go calculations and are often available for both Android and iOS devices.

When using online calculators for determining the required taper bush size, it is important to ensure that the input parameters are accurate and representative of the specific application requirements. The calculated results should serve as a starting point for selecting the appropriate taper bush size, and it is advisable to cross-reference the recommendations with manufacturer catalogs or consult with technical experts to verify the suitability of the chosen size.

Additionally, keep in mind that while online calculators can be helpful tools, they may not account for all the nuances and specific factors of your application. It is still recommended to consult with taper bush manufacturers, suppliers, or engineering professionals to validate the calculated size and ensure a proper fit for your specific application.

By utilizing online calculators as a guide, you can simplify the process of determining the required taper bush size and make informed decisions when selecting the appropriate component for your application.

taper bush

What are the common materials used in manufacturing taper bushes?

In the manufacturing of taper bushes, several materials are commonly used, each offering different properties and characteristics to meet specific application requirements. Here are some of the common materials used in the manufacturing of taper bushes:

  • Steel: Steel is one of the most widely used materials for manufacturing taper bushes. It offers excellent strength, durability, and resistance to wear and corrosion. Different grades of steel, such as carbon steel or alloy steel, may be utilized based on the specific application demands. Steel taper bushes are suitable for a wide range of industrial applications and can handle high loads and harsh operating conditions.
  • Stainless Steel: Stainless steel taper bushes are chosen for applications that require enhanced corrosion resistance. Stainless steel contains a higher percentage of chromium, which forms a protective oxide layer on the surface, providing resistance against rust and corrosion. Stainless steel taper bushes are commonly used in environments where exposure to moisture, chemicals, or high humidity is expected.
  • Cast Iron: Cast iron is another popular material for manufacturing taper bushes. It is known for its excellent strength, wear resistance, and vibration damping properties. Cast iron taper bushes are suitable for applications where shock absorption and reduced noise levels are desired. They are commonly used in machinery, automotive, and construction industries.
  • Aluminum: Aluminum taper bushes offer advantages such as lightweight, good thermal conductivity, and resistance to corrosion. They are typically used in applications where weight reduction is crucial or where non-magnetic properties are required. Aluminum taper bushes are commonly employed in industries such as aerospace, marine, and electronics.
  • Brass: Brass is a material that combines excellent machinability with good corrosion resistance. Brass taper bushes are commonly used in applications where aesthetics and appearance are important, such as architectural or decorative installations. They are also suitable for applications involving electrical conductivity, such as in electrical equipment or grounding systems.
  • Plastics: Certain engineering plastics, such as nylon or acetal, are used in the manufacturing of taper bushes. These plastics offer advantages like low friction, self-lubrication, and resistance to chemicals and moisture. Plastic taper bushes are often employed in applications where noise reduction, lightweight construction, or non-magnetic properties are required. They are commonly found in industries such as food processing, packaging, or medical equipment.

The choice of material for taper bushes depends on various factors, including the application environment, load requirements, desired performance characteristics, and cost considerations. It’s important to select a material that provides the necessary strength, durability, and compatibility with other components in the power transmission system.

When seeking taper bushes, it’s advisable to consult with manufacturers, suppliers, or industry experts who can provide guidance on the most suitable material based on your specific application needs and operational requirements.

taper bush

Can I find a guide on installing taper bushes for various shaft sizes?

Yes, you can find guides on installing taper bushes for various shaft sizes. Manufacturers, suppliers, and industry resources often provide detailed installation guides and instructions to ensure proper installation and usage of taper bushes. Here’s how you can find a guide on installing taper bushes for different shaft sizes:

  • Manufacturer’s Websites: Many manufacturers of taper bushes include installation guides and manuals on their websites. Visit the official website of the taper bush manufacturer you are interested in, and look for the “Installation” or “Technical Resources” section. These guides typically provide step-by-step instructions, diagrams, and recommended tightening torque values for different shaft sizes.
  • Supplier Documentation: If you are purchasing taper bushes from a supplier or distributor, they may provide installation guides or documentation along with the product. Check the packaging or inquire with the supplier to see if they have any specific instructions or resources available.
  • Online Resources and Forums: Online resources, such as engineering forums, mechanical blogs, or industrial websites, often have articles or discussions on the installation of taper bushes. These resources may include practical tips, best practices, and real-life installation experiences shared by professionals in the field. Conduct a search using relevant keywords to find such resources.
  • Industry Publications: Industry publications, magazines, or technical journals related to mechanical engineering or industrial equipment may feature articles or guides on taper bush installation. These publications often provide comprehensive information and insights into various mechanical components and their installation procedures. Check both online and offline sources for relevant publications in your field.
  • Manufacturer or Supplier Support: If you have specific questions or need assistance with the installation of taper bushes for different shaft sizes, reach out to the manufacturer or supplier directly. They can provide personalized support, clarify any doubts, and guide you through the installation process based on your specific requirements.

When using a guide for installing taper bushes, it’s important to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer or trusted industry sources. Pay attention to details such as proper alignment, recommended lubrication, tightening torque values, and any specific precautions mentioned in the guide. Adhering to the installation guidelines ensures a secure and reliable connection between the taper bush, the shaft, and the mating component.

Always prioritize safety when working with mechanical components. If you are unsure about any aspect of the installation process or encounter difficulties, consult with professionals or seek expert advice to ensure proper installation and minimize the risk of equipment failure or accidents.

China Professional Taper Lock Bush Cast Iron Taper Bushing 2012 2517 3020   control arm bushing						China Professional Taper Lock Bush Cast Iron Taper Bushing 2012 2517 3020   control arm bushing
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China OE.54522-4B000 China auto parts accessories control arm rubber suspension bushing bushing design

Product: S Series
12 months: 2001-
OE NO.: 54522-4B000
Vehicle Fitment: Valtra
Warranty: 1 Calendar year
Sort: Vehicle Suspension bushing, Suspension Bushing
Car Product: professional automobile
Situation: Front
MOQ: 500
Content: Bronze/Steel/Rubber/Bimetal/Brass/
Packing: Carton Box
Payment: thirty% Deposit
Application: Car Suspension Programs
Sample: free
Merchandise name: China vehicle parts equipment control arm rubber suspension bushing
Certification: TS16949
Packaging Particulars: carton box and pallet or meet your need .

OE.54522-4B000 China car parts components management arm rubber suspension bushing

Specifications1) Auto Suspensionr bushings 2)Materials:rubber and steel 3)certificates:ISO/TS16949,ISO9001 4)long daily life time span

SubstanceCR ,EPDM, MVQ, SBR, NR ,NBR and so forth
MeasurementOEM standard
Temperature-80°c- ZZ 2RS ZZ For Electric powered Scooter

with Good quality
China OE.54522-4B000 China auto parts accessories control arm rubber suspension bushing     bushing design		China OE.54522-4B000 China auto parts accessories control arm rubber suspension bushing     bushing design
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China KATAS Suspension Control Arm Bushing 48655-0D140 For TOYOTA 14 VIOS YARIS NCP15# NSP152 bronze bushing

Model: YARIS Saloon (_P15_), VIOS/YARIS Saloon (_P15_), YARIS (_P15_)
12 months: 2013-, 2013-, 2017-
OE NO.: 48655-0D140
Auto Fitment: Toyota
Sort: –
Guarantee: 1 Many years
Packaging Particulars: Neutral packing

Solution TitleBUSHING
OE NO48655-0D0140
Top qualityHigh Quality
Warranty12 Months
DimensionsOEM Regular
CertificationISO9001 , Agricultural Fertilizer Spreader Equipment Box 11 90 Diploma Right Angle 540 Rpm Tractor Agriculture Pto Generate Shaft Bevel Gearbox TS16949
SampleAcceptable if in inventory
Delivery PhrasesFedex , DHL , EMS , TNT , UPS and so on
Shipping and delivery Time3-15 days if items in inventory
Payment TermsPaypal, 1 inch 25mm Universal Motorcycle Digicam Ball Joints Tube Clip Mounted Foundation Mobile Phone Holder Accessories TT,Western Union
Area of OriginZheJiang ,China
PortHangZhou,HangZhou,ZheJiang , Agricultural Tractor Parts Yoke Tube Cover Metal Cardan Drive Pto Shafts With break up Clutch HangZhou,HangZhou
Our Advantages1: Aftermaket Supplier
2: Big Inventory
Our Rewards3: Manufacturing unit Price
4: Little Oeders Are Also Welcome
5: Quality following revenue program

bushing arm
China KATAS Suspension Control Arm Bushing 48655-0D140 For TOYOTA 14 VIOS YARIS NCP15# NSP152     bronze bushing	China KATAS Suspension Control Arm Bushing 48655-0D140 For TOYOTA 14 VIOS YARIS NCP15# NSP152     bronze bushing
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Shungtak substantial quality bushings.special metal plate in line with intercontinental standard for automobile is formed under punching device with delicated appearanceand high produce strength ,so that enhances the structural strength of the chassis.and make the item much more eye-catching. a hundred% handed high quality take a look atShuntak Mounting Bushing Rubber has ample stiffness,strength and prolonged existence span with basic safety& security.Every merchandise seems to be beautiful byperfect bushings installation and electrophoresis technological innovation on area. Japan OTC robotic arm weldingadopting automatic security welding robot technological innovation to ensure solution consistency,weld strength and make the solution moreattractive. Poduct Edge 1. Easy to set up-specific tolerance, easy to put in and steering alignment, perfect fit proper out of the box. 2. Extremely exact engineering-optimized bushings can accomplish quiet operation and wear resistance, salt, street grime and grease. 3. Entire coverage – can be employed for international and domestic nameplates. 4. All set to set up – pre-mounted spherical joint with sealed socket, no upkeep operation . 5.Long services lifestyle-the ball nail condition makes certain fatigue lifestyle, compensates for sagging and suspension, and adds additional swings when required. 6.Improved structural strength-heat remedy to match or exceed OE requirements to suppress untimely failure. 7. Improve corrosion security – coated studs and E-coated solid iron and steel control arms avert premature deterioration. 8.1-yr guarantee: All Shungtak parts occur with a 1-yr guarantee, providing meticulous client provider. 9.Use only the best metal: Shungtak makes use of only the very best higher-high quality carbon steel. All metallic-containing. Shungtak areas use pricey warmth treatment method processes to increase metal strength and efficiency. At the very same time, our components use a increased stage of polishing to make the bearing roll smoother and have a longer support daily life. ten.Only the ideal rubber is utilized: Each element of the part is manufactured of substantial-quality materials. Unlike other opponents, Shungtak only uses substantial-good quality natural rubber (seventy five%) and (twenty five%) artificial rubber. This means that the merchandise is far more sturdy, far more durable, China Factory DC Treadmill Motor with 1.5HP1118W 180V 4500RPM and can handle temperatures from -40 to +a hundred and forty degrees. Rubber will not wipe off your fingers like low-cost substitution elements offered by rivals. eleven.High quality is previously mentioned all else: The price tag of synthetic lubricants used by Shungtak is 10 moments that of competing goods, and the service lifestyle is 3 times that of the competitive merchandise. 12.German top quality handle: Shungtaks German quality management experts can make sure that all parts are of the optimum good quality. We specially produced steel and rubber to develop tremendous durable and prolonged-long lasting terminal products. Click on right here to send out queries and get and get much more special discounts and coupons!!! HangZhou Xihu (West Lake) Dis.u District Chongde Yuanwei Vehicle Elements CO.,LTD entered the CZPT provider of Autoparts in 2013.We have manufacturing unit and revenue 2 departments.The factory is located in ZheJiang Province near ZheJiang .The sales division is in HangZhou.At the exact same time, we have obtained the agency appropriate of hundreds of global and domestic well-known manufacturers. For illustration: Bosch, Hella, Schaeffler, Gates, Valeo, ZF and so on.We are closely united cooperation, collectively to create including employees, customers, suppliers, investors and industry the most valuable and most revered entire vehicle car components service system. At the same time the organization insist on the business lifestyle idea of enterprise main competitiveness, make the organization in building set up great social impression, to enhance the vehicle services industry’s most significant contribution! Usually in line with “faith, integrity,obligation, ,services,and team” principle! Patent manufacture new style 3.7v micro vibration motor for electric toothbrush Our company’s skilled potential and provider degree is high,our product sales staff all labored in Shungtak more than a lot more than 5 many years, can provide enterprises with quick, reliable sales examination, for the most contribution to the Chinese and foreign car service, sincerely cooperative enterprise, welcome to inquire! If you have any inquiries about transportation,click on listed here to get in touch with us and let us function it out ! Q1. What is your terms of packing?A: Typically, we pack our products in neutral containers and cartons:blank poly bag + merchandise label + bubble bag + learn carton. If you have lawfully registered patent,we can pack the items in your branded packing containers soon after receiving your authorization letters.Q2. What is your conditions of payment?A: T/T 30% as deposit, and 70% ahead of delivery. We’ll present you the photographs of the items and packagesbefore you shell out the harmony.Q3. What is your terms of delivery?A: EXW, FOB, CFR, CIF, DDU.This autumn. How about your delivery time?A: Normally, 1-5days for inventory buy.For manufacture buy it will take 30 to sixty days right after obtaining your advance payment. The specific supply time dependson the objects and the quantity of your get.Q5. Can you make according to the samples?A: Yes, we can produce by your samples or technical drawings. We can create the molds and fixtures.Q6. What is your sample coverage?A: We can offer the sample if we have all set components in inventory, but the buyers have to pay out the sample price andthe courier value.Q7. Do you test all your products prior to supply?A: Yes, we have 100% take a look at prior to deliveryQ8: How do you make our organization extended-phrase and excellent romantic relationship?A:1. We maintain very good high quality and competitive price to make sure our buyers reward 2. We regard every single customer as our good friend and we sincerely do company and make friends with them,no subject exactly where they arrive from.Q9: What’s your MOQ? A: Most of the well-known objects are with inventory, CZPT 1.26N.m nema 23 stepper motor with planetary worm or eccentric gearbox reducer ratio 151 for cnc equipment no need to have MOQ. For these objects without having inventory, only needed 1ctn quantity for generation.

bushing replacement
China High quality front suspension lower control arm bushing for BMW X5 E70 X6 E71 E72 OE 31106778015 wishbone bushing lower arm bush     bushing assembly		China High quality front suspension lower control arm bushing for BMW X5 E70 X6 E71 E72 OE 31106778015 wishbone bushing lower arm bush     bushing assembly
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China Control Arm Bushing For Dodge Journey K201652 2749412 bushing arm

Year: 2, 523081, China Bearing maker High Quality Taper roller bearing B7571
Reference NO.: GOM-C11, 511352, MEM-8C11, large good quality higher low forward and reverse business automobiles truck car truck transmission gearbox 12JSD2, RU-C11, tractor PTO drive backyard garden axial sprayer ADA108 523081 B7571
Bundle: Plastic bag + Carton +Pallet or according to customer’s request
Quality: 1 12 months
Content: NR-steel
Payment: TT.paypal.Western Union.Trade Assurance
Delivery TIME: ten-twenty five Days
Packaging Particulars: plastic bag + box +pallet or According to customer’s ask for
Port: ZheJiang or HangZhou

ITEM Identify Manage Arm Bushing For Dodge Journey K201652 2749412
OE Quantity K201652 2749412 523081 B7571
WARRANTY1 12 months
DELIVERY TIME15-25 days, if we have the things in inventory, CZPT Radial Bearing Hello-CAP ST5186 Truck Wheel HC ST5186 LFT 90366-51001 Taper Roller Bearings it will be 2-5 times soon after receiving the payment
PACKAGEPlastic bag + carton + pallet or In accordance to Customer’s ask for
TRADE ASSURANCEWe settle for the order on Alibaba immediately

bushing control arm
China Control Arm Bushing For Dodge Journey K201652 2749412     bushing arm	China Control Arm Bushing For Dodge Journey K201652 2749412     bushing arm
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China Car Auto Parts Suspension Systems Front Rear Upper and Lower Control Arm Bushing For Lexus Kia Honda Chevrolet SUBARU INFINITI bushing and bearing

Design: Atos, Elantra, H-1, I10, Accent, Santa Fe, ix35, I30, PAJERO III (V7_W, V6_W), Pick UP (D22), PATHFINDER III (R51), 4 RUNNER (_N18_), LAND CRUISER (_J6_), COROLLA, Tacoma, YARIS, Would like, Rav 4, HILUX VII Pickup (_N1_, _N2_, _N3_), CORONA, FJ CRUISER (GSJ1_), HIACE, VIOS, Prius, HILUX, YARIS (_P1_)
Calendar year: 1995-2019, 2, J41058AYMT, SCR9044, GOM271, RU271, GOJ271, GOM-271, FSK7539, GOM-2462, GOJ2462, RU-2462, TAB-102, JAPRU-2462, 87TY5718, TAB043, 81923282, 77-0571-SX
Automobile Fitment: Nissan, MITSUBISHI, Hyundai, Toyota
Guarantee: 1Year
Variety: normal
Vehicle Model: For Japanese Cars, For Japanese Vehicles
Brand: Kingsteel
Item name: Suspension Bushing
Materials: EPDM/Rubber
Our Advantages: In Stock
MOQ: 1PC if we have them in inventory
Price: Manufacturing unit Price
Top quality: Substantial Top quality
Shipping time: 1-7 times for stock objects, 25 times for manufacturing products
Payment: L/C, T/T, Western Union, Other (Money)
Certification: ISO9001
Packaging Details: 1.Neutral Packet 2.kingsteel box 3.Buyer brand name design and style
Port: HangZhou

Products Description Quality Assurance Manufacturing facility Cost Large Quality, Suspension Bushing For Distinct sorts of vehicle models,welcome to get in touch with us for further information,Help you conserve time to find the product you want

Brand TitleKingsteel
Item identifySuspension Bushing
Car makerFor CZPT Honda Hyundai Mazda KIA CZPT Nissan Japanese Korean car
OEM Nostandard
PackageAs customers’ Demand from customers
Delivery time1-7 Days for inventory things, 10-25 days for generation purchase
Our Benefits:1.Japanese technological innovation, Chinese manufacturing facility price2. Manufacturing facility value,Let you have sufficient profit3. Suspension Bushing In inventory,rapid delivery4. Skilled Perfomance Car components provider.17 a long time of experience in automobile elements technologies, concentrate on professionalism deserving of your have confidence in Information Photos We have more merchandise photos, if you need to have to know, you can initiate an inquiry, get in touch with us and ship it to you
Scorching selling Suspension Bushing
For CZPT For CrownFor SiennaFor CorollaFor Hiace
For PassoFor CamryFor PradoFor Fortuner
For Rav4For TacomaFor PriusMore
For HONDAFor CRVFor CivicFor FitFor Metropolis
For OdysseyFor AccordFor PilotMore
For NISSANFor NavaraFor MarchFor AltimaFor Sunny
For PatrolFor PathfinderFor TiidaFor X- Trail
For QashqaiFor TeanaFor MaximaMore
For HYUNDAIFor H1For SantaFor AccentFor Elantra
For TucsonFor GetzFor VeracruzMore
FOR MAZDAFor Mazda 2For Mazda 323For Mazda sixFor Mazda CX7
For Mazda 626For Mazda CX9For Mazda 5More
For MitsubishiFor PajeroFor LancerFor L200For Triton
For SpacevagonFor OutlanderFor GalantMore
FOR SUZUKIFor AltoFor VitaraFor SwiftFor SX4
For VitaraFor ApvFor BalenoMore
FOR KIAFor RIOFor K3For DelightMore
For Japanese autos Korean automobiles,You can initiate an inquiry to us to learn more
Merchandise packaging Our Company Items bought in this shop FAQ

with Hot selling
China Car Auto Parts Suspension Systems Front Rear Upper and Lower Control Arm Bushing For Lexus Kia Honda Chevrolet SUBARU INFINITI     bushing and bearing	China Car Auto Parts Suspension Systems Front Rear Upper and Lower Control Arm Bushing For Lexus Kia Honda Chevrolet SUBARU INFINITI     bushing and bearing
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China Auto Parts Front Stabilizer Bar Bush 48815-0k010 control arm bushing For Hilux TGN5 INNOVA KUN40 define bushing

Design: HILUX
Calendar year: 2AB Large quality Handle arm bushing for Dodge Journey Avenger Paypal, Pay out on Alibaba, etc. More Hot Sales Packaging & Shipping Packagingone. Neutral Deal2. In accordance to customer’s necessityDeliveryWe operate with the DHL, TNT, UPS, EMS, Fedex and so on. If you have delivery agent in China, we can ship to them. Organization Data HangZhou JinBiao Automobile Elements Co,.Ltd positioned in HangZhou, Very hot sale Cycloidal GearboxesCyclo Drive Reducer Replacement for sumitomo cyclo drive equipment reducer China. It is a specialist provider of entire assortment of authentic, OEM, Aftermarket components for numerous auto design. Our principal items are Chassis parts, Motor parts, Electrical Areas, Body parts, such as brake pads, shock absorber, clutch protect&disc, vane pump, LDK TS16949 Certification ucp204 bearing unit pillow block ball bearing camshaft pulley, belt, tensioner pulley, ignition coil, gas injector, auto sensor, electrical power window switch, headlight, air cleaner and so on. With the policy of ” Good quality Initial, Support First ” EACHkids Bearing Motor Rubber Bearing Roller Skate Skateboard Cam Follower ABEC-11 Steel Ball Bearings , Our product was acknowledged by the customer at property and abord.Sincerely welcome merchants at house and overseas to our firm for organization negotiation, sincerely wish to cooperate with you and co-create a CZPT circumstance.

bushing press
China Auto Parts Front Stabilizer Bar Bush 48815-0k010 control arm bushing For Hilux TGN5 INNOVA KUN40     define bushing	China Auto Parts Front Stabilizer Bar Bush 48815-0k010 control arm bushing For Hilux TGN5 INNOVA KUN40     define bushing
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China 96809676 Auto Part Suspension Bushing Control Arm For Chevrolet Captiva bushing and control arm

Model: Equinox, TERRAIN
Calendar year: 2
Reference NO.: 87-07416, 57-5714, SB-241, 37-08078-5, FSK6895, OP-SB-8780, ADG 0571 11, EMS8452, CH-BS
Automobile Fitment: Chevrolet, GMC
Warranty: 12 months, twelve months
Variety: Suspension Bushing
Auto Product: auto
Model Identify: Suspension Bushing
Substance: Rubber metal
Packing: PE Bag+Carton
MOQ: 3
Supply Time: 5-15days
Certification: ISO9Warranty12 MonthsProduct identifySuspension bushingMaterialRubber and so onPayment TermsT/T , western unionDELIVERY TIME5-35 daysPlace of originChina , twenty PM linear stepper motor 20mm Mounted shaft guide screw stepping motor 5V DC captive linear actuator lead screw ZheJiang Shipping conditionsFOB,CIF,C&FPortHangZhou HangZhou ZheJiang zHangZhoug and many others Business Profile HangZhou Mingchuan seal Co., Ltd. is found in Xihu (West Lake) Dis. County Financial Advancement Zone, our manufacturing facility is a manufacturing, processing, sales as 1 of the professional production of all kinds of rubber seal organization. Our principal items are fluorine rubber framework oil seal, fluorine rubber O-ring, Ding Qing framework oil seal, Ding Qing O-ring, box O-ring, and can be created and created according to the specifications of users. The items have very good put on resistance, growing older resistance, modest compression long lasting deformation, no corrosion and no pollution. With our advanced creation gear, sophisticated generation and scientific good quality management, we supply merchandise on time, Electric powered Mid-drive Motor Kits 12 inch 14 inch 2000W 3000W 4000W mid generate motor assembly with belt which are very praised by domestic and foreign customers. Our rich functional encounter has laid a good basis for us. We will uphold the past fine custom, use the system stage administration strategy to strengthen the generation viewpoint, and sincerely layout and tailor various rubber sealing products for buyers, We are seeking forward to functioning with you for typical improvement. Welcome to our firm. The firm has been supporting honesty and trustworthiness, actively soliciting users’ viewpoints, continuously bettering perform, and sincerely repaying the modern society with first-course efficiency. Our manufacturing facility is inclined to cooperate with new and previous buyers sincerely to create brilliant long term with each other. Exhibition Certifications FAQ 1.Can I get samples from you ? Of training course, you can. you can get them for cost-free,only want to spend for the categorical price. 2.Can you produce OEM goods ? Yes, we can create items by your drawing or samples. three. Can you settle for modest orders?Sure, You can area your small purchase . You should kindly inform us your buying fat or pieces, we would quotation for you quickly . Because the device price tag price and freight expense of small purchase would be larger than MOQ’S.Pls also contemplate our MOQ ,the cost can be decreased . 4. Which shipping way will you use for the products? For gentle fat or small, we will use worldwide specific, such as TNT,DHL, Efficiency 24V Large Precision 40Mm Motor Reduction Planetary Gearbox UPS, FEDEX and so forth. it usually demands 3-5 days and can be achieved according to your spot, For large excess weight and huge measurement, wewould recommend that you get by sea way or by air shippment 5. What is your normal packing? All the goods will be packed by carton box and loaded with pallets. Unique packing technique can be approved when essential. 6: What supplies are available to generate from your aspect? NBR, EPDM, SILICONE, FKM, NEOPRENE(CR), NR, IIR, SBR, ACM, AEM, Fluorosilicone(FVMQ), FFKM. 7. What’s your payment terms and shipping day?T/T,L/C,Western union, China Makers PTO Triangular Deformed Driveshaft Carbon Steel Seamless Pipe Paypal,etc. The delivery day depends on your buy. Shipping and delivery date is 7-twenty five days. If you need crisis merchandise, we can velocity up the creation of the very first arrangement.

bushing arm
China 96809676 Auto Part Suspension Bushing Control Arm For Chevrolet Captiva     bushing and control arm	China 96809676 Auto Part Suspension Bushing Control Arm For Chevrolet Captiva     bushing and control arm
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China 51455-S04-005 Auto Spare Part Suspension System control arm bushing for Honda CR-V I 2002 rubber bushing bronze bushing

Model: CR-V I (RD)
Year: 1995-2
Shipping TIME: 30-45 Times
Weight: 1kg
Sample: Avaiable
Deal: Neutral Packaging
MOQ: five hundred Pcs
Certification: TS16949
Packaging Details: Deal:BLANK BAGDELIVERY TIME30-45 TimesWeight1kgSampleAvaiablePackageNeutral PackagingMOQ500 PcsPaymentT/T Merchandise Class Product Application Cooperative Spouse Company Profile PacPacking & Shipping and delivery & Payment Contact Us FAQ

bushing press
China 51455-S04-005 Auto Spare Part Suspension System control arm bushing for Honda CR-V I 2002 rubber bushing     bronze bushing	China 51455-S04-005 Auto Spare Part Suspension System control arm bushing for Honda CR-V I 2002 rubber bushing     bronze bushing
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